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Our founder Annu shares why she feels passionate about something ​as bananas as metrics for impact of companies.
Startups - too damn small to matter or automatically amazing? Neither.

Slush and Upright teamed up to quantify the net impact of all startups coming to the North’s #1 startup event in this December. The results? It’s time to bust some myths.

What about YOUR net impact?

Unless you are filthy rich or a shopaholic, chances are you influence the world around you the most via your work. And that is good news.

Why we are opening our model to public exploring and crowdsourcing

Introducing Leena-Leena, the net impact AI.

“Spoiled young people” and the myth about meaningfulness

Young people today are not being picky and spoiled when requiring work to be meaningful, but demonstrating an age-old fundamental need and sign of mental health.

Introducing: the new entrepreneur (sorry, the customer is not always right)

A real entrepreneur is someone who builds a business of something that the world needs – not vice versa.

Start with WHAT – Why action eats intention for breakfast (and "culture" for a midnight snack)

Companies influence the world and hold more power today than ever before. As a consequence, what they really do matters more than ever - and we should start demanding more facts and less slogans. The technology is ready, but are we?

What is this blog?

This is a blog about creating a new way of measuring value creation and net impact of companies. I am passionate about updating capitalism to better serve the future of humanity, and this spring I'm starting a new project/company around it.