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What is this blog?

This is a blog about creating a new way of measuring value creation and net impact of companies. I am passionate about updating capitalism to better serve the future of humanity, and this spring I'm starting a new project/company around it.

In this blog I share some thoughts about why I think it all starts with what the company de facto does. The project itself will be published later during 2017.

Our current way of measuring net impact of companies is stuck in an economy that no longer exists.

I'm currently building a new quantification model for measuring net impact of companies, to enable more fact-based decision-making for (existing and potential) employees, consumers and investors. The idea is to make proxies across impact categories comparable and trade-offs transparent ("by using XX tons of carbon footprint we produce YY and ZZ", instead of just doing sub-optimization based on one category).

The aim is to build real business incentives for companies to maximize the upsides of their "impact" - not just minimize the downsides (where the focus of majority of "sustainability talk" is at the moment).

We need carrots.​

I don't believe the needed transformational change is going to happen via sticks (regulations, laws, restrictions) - but by incentivizing the best entrepreneurs of our time to start to make things that make sense via the power of the masses, i.e. consumers and employees.

Technology is ready for us to start having transparent and comparable data on how companies de facto impact the different values we as societies and individuals say we have (e.g. economic impact, environment, health of people, equality, creation of new knowledge). It’s time we utilize it to help humanity focus its time, effort and materials to things that actually take us forward.

You are welcome to think, challenge and wonder with me!
Founder of the Upright Project
Engineer and action woman who thinks it's time we update our way of measuring value creation of companies.