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We are fierce nerds with soft hearts. We love problems that seem impossible to solve and make our heads hurt.
Annu Nieminen
Founder & CEO / Fan of Seriously Difficult Problems
Juho Ojala
CTO / Master of Any Technology or Thing
Annina Huhtala
Comms, Collaboration and Making Things Happen
William Nurmi
Teacher of Machines and Meditation
Erika Noponen
Analyst / Rapper
Ville Saarinen
Data and Visualization Wizard / Baker
Eero Vartiainen
Analyst / Philosopher
Suvi Rinkineva
Trainee / Soccer All-Star
The Net Impact AI


We gather together young doers + companies who dare to start with what.

The change happens in real companies.

In addition to our core work on our quantification model, The Upright Project is building a Helsinki-based loose community of companies and doers curious about business that makes sense. The simple idea is to start an honest and open discussion (no greenwashing or advertising) among real doers about what companies really achieve, with what resources and how we could jointly take a leap forward.

Model mania @ the 3rd gathering
7 Feb 2018
Net impact love @ our 2nd gathering€
14 Nov 2017
Kicking things off @ Upright launch
12 Sep 2017

Want to join our team?

Oct 30, 2018

Upright is looking for both junior and senior tech team members!

Currently we are recruiting especially for two roles:

1. Junior programmer. This is a great fit for e.g. exceptionally skilled recent graduates, but we will tailor the role to fit your experience level. You should be somewhat comfortable with React and Javascript (preferably Typescript). Python is a plus, especially if you’re into experimenting with machine learning. We offer you not just a pretty exceptional tech team to join, but also an opportunity to contribute to the development of our quantification model and products mathematically, logically, business-wise and practically working with our collaborators.

2. Experienced tech guru, possibly with a passion and curiosity for product ownership. Our tech stack is Typescript/React/Python/PyTorch, but for an exceptional doer with quick learning skills no individual technology is a deal-breaker. In our small and ambitious team, any “senior” (8+ years of work experience in high-achieving and independent roles) must be able to lead a team and contribute to the overall technical and commercial development of our model.

In addition to these short specs, everything mentioned below about who we are looking for applies. To understand what we do, get familiar with our model and Playground.

Ultimately we hire people, so if you feel you fall somewhere in between 1 and 2, don’t let that bother you. The main thing is that you’re curious about making the world better with tech and share our strong passion for excellence.

Could this be you?

Who are we looking for?

The ideal next addition to our team would have an exceptional analytical mind combined with a clear skill spike in one of the areas we want to strengthen the team in:

  • Hardcore quantitative + qualitative problem solving (e.g. building a model to better understand a complex phenomenon)
  • Exceptional design wizardry
  • Creating outstanding digital tools/products

Who would enjoy working in our team?

We are a bit bananas about solving this problem. We work quite ambitiously and enjoy creating an atmosphere where exceptionally skilled and hard-working people thrive, get “impossible” things done and have fun. We love all sorts of people, but in this project, we want to focus on working with the sharpest minds in order to give solving this problem a chance.

We laugh a lot, because you just cannot not laugh at yourself when trying to list all the THINGS in the world. We are a bit neurotic, weird and nerdy. It’s okay if you are, too.

PS. “How do I know if I'm the right person for this team?”

These might be signs that you could be a great fit for Upright at the moment:

  • You get a kick out of striving to solve a problem people say is “impossible or at least very difficult” to solve
  • The last 3 times you left a job/team, people were asking you to stay
  • You get frustrated if the ambition level is not high enough, and typically aim to raise it yourself rather than waiting for someone else to do it
  • You often get asked “how do you get so much done and still seem like such a happy and balanced potato?”
  • You enjoy the freedom of having control of your own way of working because that’s how you get best results done

These, on the other hand, might be signs that you’re most definitely an awesome person – but not the right addition to our team right now:

  • You love to work in teams, but get a bit anxious when you need to tackle a workstream on your own (we are a small team solving a huge problem, and at this stage everyone needs to excel in and enjoy owning a pretty big slice of the cake)
  • You are looking for a first great adventure into business/technology/analytics (in every team you learn a lot, but this is not an ideal setting for your first lessons)
  • You love to think critically and analyze things, but leave the “action part” to other people (e.g. you’d rather write a film review than direct/produce/screenwrite a movie)
  • You would love to work in a cool startup with a laid-back culture, free beers, cool t-shirts and 9-5 hours, as it would be fun to tell your friends you work in an awesome startup (nothing wrong with awesome startups! we are one, too, but that as primary motivation would probably make both you and us disappointed)

What do we expect from you?

  • Solid track record of internal passion for excellence: you have gotten things done clearly better than what was required/expected from you, as you enjoy doing things well
  • Clear strengths in analytical/logical/mathematical thinking to be able to understand and contribute to our quantification model
  • Enough self-knowledge to be able to treat your ego as your friend and not let it run your daily operations
  • Experience in excelling in one of the 4 areas listed above